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ATW - Entrepreneurial philanthropists making a global difference!


ATW is a web development, social media marketing, content management, and graphic design, enterprise vested in supporting philanthropic causes. ATW contributes 15% of all proceeds to alleviating humanitarian crises.



ATW the Company

ATW is a charity driven web development, web design, branding, corporate identity, and content management services Company. ATW’s exceptional quality, timely delivery, and cost efficient products and services consider your budget and place you ahead of your competition.

ATW & You

ATW takes into consideration your marketing objectives from a concept to actualization. Just as we take our concept of seeing a more stabilized and equitable world to reality by donation 10% of all our project proceeds to humanitarian relief and development efforts in developing nations.

ATW Mission

ATW’s mission is to contribute toward bring about wholeness for those hurting in our world today. We do this by donation at minimum 15% of all project proceeds to various humanitarian crises and neglected ‘hot-spots’ in developing nations primarily within Africa and the Middle East.

ATW Process

Actualization of your vision and objectives is at the heart of our mission. We adopt your business needs and provide efficient outcomes to their actualization by understanding your unique needs . ATW’s project management strategy ensures a timely and efficient completion of your project from production through the staging phase onto live servers.

ATW Commitment

Providing you with an exceptional web platform in a timely manner.

Providing you with the most competitive rates available to get your web platform functional.

Providing you with an opportunity to contribute toward the betterment of humankind.

ATW Testimonials

“ATW ‘s exceptional and timely delivery on several of our web platforms integration, redesign, development, and construction is simply hard to match. We highly recommend that you consider ATW as a serious website and graphics design vendor.“

Constance, President, ITH Staffing, Inc.

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